Welcome to the Burleson County Republican Party!

If you are looking to get involved in politics and to help steer Burleson County in the right direction, I invite you to join the team.

The Burleson County Republican Party is focused on making our county a better place to live, work, and go to school by supporting conservative candidates who truly care about this great community. This is our home, and it’s your home too.

If you believe in Strong Families, Safe Communities, and Opportunity for All, the Burleson County Republican Party is the place for you. We welcome your voice, your ideas, and your time as we work toward a better future.

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As Burleson County continues to grow at a rapid rate, the need for a well-organized and active Republican Party increases. To protect our Republican seats and continue the successful track record of conservative governance in our county, we must fight year-round for every vote. We must be a party that brings the conservative message to every community and shares the successes of our party. We will have to get out of our comfort zones and build relationships with those around us.

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Strong Families • Safe Communities • Opportunity for All

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