Precinct Chairs

Strong Families • Safe Communities • Opportunity for All

Local community volunteers known as Precinct Chairs provide the foundation of the Burleson County Republican Party. These individuals are the key components to organizing neighborhoods, recruiting volunteers, and assisting in campaign efforts. Precinct Chairs, in conjunction with our County Chairman, form the County Executive Committee which serves as the governing body the county party.

If you want to get involved, the first person you should contact is your Precinct Chair.

Precinct Chairs

Chairman Karen Bolt 979-213-3138

114 Donnie Cook 512-507-9555

215 Maura Dever 727-514-0409

207 Leslie Janac 979-220-0498

406 Karen Law 979-406-0192

305 Wayne Long 713-725-0593

309 Arthur (AD) Muller 713-818-3510

301 Ruth Noack 979-218-5892

410 Sarah Rassa 603-953-5356

113 Bonnie Schumacher 979-200-1888

211 Stephen Tunnell 979-406-0811

308 Kathy Walkoviak 979-324-4725

204 Nicole Zaskoda 979-218-8588